Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The more I think, the simpler it becomes...

The problem with trying to simplify the entirety of the wisdom behind the entire Primal-/Paleo-/Paleo2.0-/Archevore/whatever movement is that it's already painfully simple.

We've all grown up immersed in a cultural philosophy built on the very foundation of replacing things that nourish us with things that poison us.

The time since my last post has been spent debating what step one is towards navigating our primal bodies through a modern landscape.

There were 2 main contenders.

1: Providing our bodies the things that nourish us (real food from healthy animals, biologically appropriate movement with resistance, adequate sleep, adequate sunlight), or

2: Avoiding things that make us sick (grains, sugars of all types, faux-saturated fats, chemical corn products on every shelf and in every aisle, deadly chemicals from non-stick frying pans, 8 hour days seated at a desk, STRESS)?

The answer is that the dichotomy is false. Depriving our bodies of what they came to expect over the last 2.5 million years is as much a poison as eating hemlock berries. It doesn't matter whether I say that it's vital to get enough sleep, or that it's terribly detrimental to deprive oneself of proper sleep.

I've been struggling with stress for some time now. I've been telling myself it's a byproduct of my constantly on-the-go lifestyle. It is. But it also isn't. Stress causes poor sleep causes the constant grind of daily life to stress me even more. It's a positive feedback loop that I hope I've jumped the tracks of. I hope I can find time to post more thoughts here, despite my lack of readership. I hope I can find time to just be calm and quiet. I hope I can find more answers by thinking less. And I hope the same for you.