Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great success

Tonight's trip to the farm where I plan to buy most of my meat was a huge success. I got to see where the steers do most of their grass-eating, learned about the Highland Breed of cattle (a heritage breed that originated in Scotland) and found out that the farmer gets her animals from a nearby farm in Pennsylvania.

I also got to meet the next steer to make its way towards my dinner plate (he was scratching himself with his horns and eating tons of green grass), and bring home several pounds of the last one.

I can't wait for the chance to sample the goods. Unfortunately, that's going to have to wait until after this weekend's trip to our nation's capital.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mystery solved

Okay, it was my very thoughtful father who sent me the books. I'm learning that I wish I had the opportunity to apprentice as a butcher.

Meeting with a local farmer tomorrow who sells meat from cattle she raises on her local (within 25 miles) farm. Extremely stoked about being able to buy meat from a farm where I can actually see how the animals live. From what I understand, they're not 100% grass-fed (it's hard to raise cattle in the New Jersey winter without supplementing their diets somewhat), but they're 100% soy-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and the grains and legumes they are supplemented with are specifically selected not to cause the omega-6:omega-3 ratio issues that typically come with feeding grain to cattle.

Haven't measured body fat percentage too recently, but I'm up a few pounds and I think mostly in a good way. Got a 335-pound deadlift up the other day, raw, probably while weighing right around 140. If I got down to 135 (not a great feat) and kept all the strength, I'd be right at my 2.5 body-weight goal.

Ordered the recent Taubes book. Anybody who hasn't read  his other popular book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" is missing out. If you need a copy, reach out to me, I'll see if I can dig one up to lend you.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I was surprised to arrive home today and find a box with 2 books addressed to me on my doorstep. I received The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat, How to Buy, Cut and Cook Great Beef, Lamp, Pork, Poultry and More, by Joshua Applestone, Jessica Applestone and Alexandra Zissu and also Good Meat by Deborah Krasner.

These are brand-new, hardcover books on subject matter I find spiritually and intellectually stimulating. I look very forward to spending some serious time with them both. I'm proud to own them already, after just a cursory flip through each of their pages.

I assume that whoever sent them to me was under the false impression that Amazon would put their name somewhere on the receipt. I would be calling that person with heartfelt thanks right now, but I don't know who to thank. So if you are that person, or know who that person is, please pass along my sentiments.

I will be reviewing and commenting on these books and their content right here at Adam's Big Five.