Monday, February 14, 2011

Final Frontier

I really want to explore the concept that the digestive system and the immune system are inextricably linked to the point that talking about them as 2 separate entities is misleading at best, but that's going to require a little bit of searching for things I've read and seen in order to not say anything factually incorrect.

Today, I'm just going to talk about the last category of dairy I'm adding back. I've had great success incorporating raw milk and grass fed fermented dairy, raw milk fermented dairy, grass-fed fermented dairy, and now fermented dairy. The final frontier is that drop of whipping cream in my coffee. I get to enjoy that tomorrow, and I'm quite excited about it.

That being said, I've definitely broken the habit of making cheese an easy go-to source of fats and protein, despite its relative portability and affordability. We'll see if I can keep it a role player rather than a team leader in my diet.

Upcoming competition means I'll be back to stricter intermittent fasting. Why I ever stray, I don't know. I guess it's the social thing. Eating (and drinking a bit) in the evening is just fun. But my 2 meals 3-5 hours apart, one late morning, one early-mid afternoon and then letting my body do its thing uninterrupted for the main part of a day always leaves me leaner, sleeping better, and performing better.

Re-joining my old gym as well, excited to get back to some hypoxic swimming and some sprinting (treadmill, concept 2 rower, versaclimber), and use of a glute-hamstring bench.

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