Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy, busy

Been very busy lately, but getting my eats on and my workouts in. For the past few weeks, I've been eating nearly all my calories (most of which come from animal fat) during 2 big means during the day (one around noon, one around 5 p.m.). At least during the week. Weekends have been less regimented. I've lost a significant amount of weight. Somewhere in the 7 pounds range, putting my body fat probably near or just into the single digits. My exercise regimen has been good, but not the most intense I've put myself through by a long shot.

Climbing the TreadWall seemed easy last week, when I stayed on continuously for nearly 22 minutes with the height set slightly worse than vertical and the speed on 4 and a half. This week, I think they moved some of the holds (and a few were loose), and I wasn't able to stay on continuously for quite as long, but I broke a hard sweat, burned 225 kCal according to the machine (which I don't trust) in just over 25 minutes.

Been doing box jumps even more since my shoulder (which is nearly 100%) was injured. I'm not sure how high each of the risers are that I put underneath the step upon which I jump, but I've recently graduated to using 16 of them for 5 sets of ten jumps. This comes up to my waist, right around where the belt loops on my jeans would be. This resulted in me scraping up both shins, but a lot of awe-stricken comments from other gym members in the locker room. I do this in my Vibram Fivefingers, of course, so I'm jumping with an anatomically correct posture, shoulders over hips, knees over ankles, and all that.

Dr. Loren Cordain, the guy who wrote the original "Paleo diet" has published a new paper with a few colleagues. It basically re-states the "Paleo Principle," which says that what we evolved doing is what works best for us, and references a bunch of data from some other papers that have studied the dietary and fitness habits of several extant tribal peoples. I highly recommend reading it. See if your diet and fitness habits line up more with heart-disease, diabetes, atherosclerotic modern agricultural man, or tall, strapping, ripped-abs, buffalo-stabbing paleolithic man. Then adjust accordingly. By following the Big 5.

I have also found a relatively local source for raw milk, farm-fresh eggs, and some other less-processed versions of beef and dairy products. I'm currently weighing the cost-benefit analysis of skipping a workout or skipping a nap one day a week to go food shopping. The rule of 80/20 is pushing me towards losing one of the workouts. Now that I can lift heavy again, I really like the idea of 1 day heavy pushes/pulls with the upper body, 1 day heavy lower body (which has to include Glute-Hamstring Raises, or at least Good Mornings to bvalance out Squats and/or Farmer's Walks), and one day full-body split after at least one recovery (nap) day, to include "climbing," muscle-ups, box jumps, and a clean or snatch. In addition to 7 days a week of Jiu Jitsu training, which I know I should be better about taking days off from.

Questions and comments continue to not pour in. You know who you aren't...

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