Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Not a correction to anything I have said here so far (although I am sure those will come in plentiful supply if I keep up), but rather to something I hear all the time. As I've mentioned, I started this blog for people who know me in real life and ask me nutrition and fitness advice. While I hope people jump on the "primal" or high-fat diet bandwagon (for their own sake), it's not really my intention to act as a missionary.

That being said, my diet habits are often the subject of conversation from people who are merely curious (i.e. co-workers around the lunch table). I have no problem explaining without preaching. It's something I've become very accustomed to. But inevitably, someone will utter the phrase "But I couldn't live without _______," with the blank inevitably filled by either the word "bread" or the word "pasta." Sometimes, "I couldn't live without pasta" is prefaced with the very scientific fact of "I'm Italian." Despite the apparent logic to these statements, it becomes very hard for me to bite my tongue at that point.

So I just want to make a correction. This isn't written to anyone in particular, it's for posterity and to get it off my chest. Here is the correction:

You have no idea how well you could live without bread and pasta.

Just ask me if you really want to know, I'll tell you.

Here's a promised update, while I'm at it: Workouts are going well. Finally getting to the point where swimming isn't so much a clumsy splash that happens to move me through the water in a sometimes horizontal position, but rather occasionally I break into a gliding movement where I'm actually meaningfully propelling myself in the top 18 inches of water. This simply means I have to swim harder and/or longer now to reach the same intensity. Or use it for hypoxic training, which I've not been doing lately.  Haven't been to the gym with a TreadWall this week, and tomorrow's a scheduled recovery/nap day, so it looks like Friday. I'll make a note of whether I'm able to stay on the wall for a longer period of time.

One other addition to my lifting is the "Farmer's Walk." This isn't technically a lift as much as an exercise, but one I'm really planning to see benefits from. You simply hold heavy dumbbells and walk with good posture. Like the deadlift, my grips seem to be the first point of fatigue. Not sure if this means my hand/wrist/forearm complex is weak or that my legs and core are strong. Also, played around with parallel squats today, with the bar across my shoulder blades, rather than my usual ass-to-the-ground squats with the bar up on my traps. I can basically add 35-40 pounds to the lift this way, but I'm still a fan of the increased range of motion of the high-bar ATG version.

My books and documentary are yet to arrive. Prepare for many, many posts in the days following their arrival. That's all for now.

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