Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clearing things up...

Had an argument about this very issue the other day. As luck (and common sense) has it, I was right.

Today at work, I opened a can of coconut milk, which I ate with a few nuts and dried pieces of fruit (that unfortunately contained peanuts), a bit of cream cheese and carrots, and some whole milk plain yogurt. There was basically pandemonium about the nutrition information on my coconut milk. 39% USRDA for Saturated Fat. I had to point out that was per serving, and I had consumed an entire can, or 6 servings, for 234% USRDA.

This was after an evening at the grocery store where I had to send a text message to a few folks who know me because I was buying a fatty grass-fed tenderloin, beef liver, whole milk yogurt, several cans of coconut milk, a pound of pasture butter, heavy whipping cream (for drinking, not whipping), cheese, and a few other choice selections of health foods. When I got in line, I noticed the girl ahead of me with Kashi and South Beach products full of all kinds of healthy whole grains. She even had some kind of sprouted grain bread and low fat products of all types. I'd say she was "average" as far as body composition, meaning probably 25-40 pounds over her ideal weight. There I was, behind her, with my 10 billion USRDA or so of saturated animal fat (mostly from grass-fed sources) looking like this photo (that was taken last Saturday, which I've been debating posting):

This all served to remind me of the point low-carb proponents and primal/paleo-style diet pushers always make. The Dept. of Agriculture Food Pyramid wants you to eat 6-11 servings of grains per day. That's pretty much exactly what's given to feedlot cattle to fatten them up for slaughter. The science is there. The anecdotal evidence pours in by the thousands. There are no healthy whole grains. You're being lied to, people.


  1. Awesome compliment. That's high praise indeed. Anybody unaware of Mark Sisson should check out Mark's Daily Apple ( immediately. And buy his book if you feel so inclined.