Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The hierarchy

Okay, the Taubes Article in the Times has me re-organizing this whole deal in my head once again.

Clearly, we can't all go live in some prehistoric jungle/cave scenario with non-depleted soils and non-contaminated wildlife. For one, I don't know how to make spears...

So we are left making the small choices throughout the day. Do we take the risk of getting cancer from dryer sheets or eating a bag of M&M's?

Mark Sisson and Kurt Harris have made two very good, useful attempts to put the entire subject into perspective. Mark has The Primal Blueprint Laws while Kurt has a list of 12 steps. I think Kurt's is closer to what I have in mind, but I'm still contemplating something a big more visual, more flowchart-like than Mark's multiple pyramids or a simple list.
So, hopefully that's something I'll wrap my tiny brain around soon enough and put up. How to navigate the modern world in an ancient (in design) body. By Adam. It might turn out cool, so stay tuned!

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