Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paleo 2.0 Reflections

Okay, here's the point of Paleo 2.0, from my perspective...

First off, I was a Daniel Quinn and Jean Liedloff acolyte long before I ever found the Nora Gedgoudases and Mark Sissons of the world. These are people who looked at our modern society and compared it to our ancestral expectations and said "wow, here's evidence that people who lived in successful, workable societies may have lived richer, fuller lives than we do. Here's evidence that there were some stimuli that existed for 99.9% of our past, and it makes sense that we run into problems when we're deprived of them."

Despite hundreds of accusations, they never said:  "Let's pick up spears and go live in caves."

Likewise, Paleo 2.0 is not noble savage theory. It's about what works for people. It's about looking at how people are constructed, how they came into existence, and what works best for them based on the best science possible.

These concepts are seamless. DQ and Liedloff tend to concern themselves with our archaic, inherent needs as they relate to society, and culture. Paleo 2.0 seems aimed at nutrition, maybe with physical activity included, at this point. I'd love to see a single framework encompass this all. The Paleo Principle, basically, applied to everything. A unified Paleo Principle. I see trees of green...

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