Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've been working hard to decrease my protein intake over the past few weeks. This means plenty of dairy for me, lots of sour cream and cream cheese and cream and other things with the word "cream" (but lacking the word "ice" as that stuff is full of sugar).

I have to say I've felt much better. Digestion has been ultra-problem free and I've felt good and strong, slept well, and had great results.

Last night, I went very protein heavy and a really hard workout today ended with some discomfort. Really strong evidence that Nora Gedgaudas has the whole "Low carb, moderate protein, enough fat to stay/feel full" thing down pat. I was also weighing in at 11th grade kinds of numbers throughout the week.

Here's one of the better articles extolling the facts about saturated fats and their unrighteous vilification. If you're not convinced of this by now, you probably wouldn't be reading my blog anyway, but this would be a perfect link to send to friends and family who may suspect you're nuts for eating butter and tallow instead of whole wheat pasta with sugar-laden tomato sauce.

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