Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No time, no news, one relevant link

Gotta post quick, lunch break is coming to an end and I'm at work. Looking like a big snowstorm is coming our way, and I need to be ready for the unlikely event that they close work up for the day tomorrow.

No news on the no-dairy front. I'm not sleeping well, but I certainly can think of more likely culprits than the lack of dairy.

On the links and information front, Mark Sisson has a post up about the effects dairy has on insulin secretion (although this makes no inherent claims about the effect on insulin sensitivity, that I can see from a quick scanning).

Also, please note this would make an argument for disinclusion of dairy as a dietary staple, but not necessarily as a chronically excluded item. More along the lines of dried fruits, to be enjoyed on occasion, rather than glutenous grains, which are to be avoided at all costs.

That's it for now. I should expand on these thoughts, but time's up!

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