Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1 Dairy Free

30 day dairy debacle begins today. That means that I will spend 30 days finding out if life is somehow better without cheese, heavy cream, Greek yogurt, and did I mention cheese?

I do foresee a bit of a challenge, because I admittedly eat a pretty dairy-heavy diet. Once you cut out grains and sugars and minimize fruits, you're not left with much of the supermarket to play in. Mainly, I hope to fill the gaps with wild-caught fish (sardines, salmon, and tuna are easy to bring to work for lunch), coconut milk/shredded unsweetened coconut, and lots of hard-boiled eggs (from the local farm if I can get them).

Should things go as I hope they do (meaning that I will decide to reintroduce at least some categories of dairy after the 30 days), I plan to reintroduce the following categories of dairy, in order, with a few days between each reintroduction to single out the causes of any ill effects:

1. Grass-fed, raw cheeses (Raw, grass-fed dairy)

2. Goat and sheep dairy products

3. Fermented live/active cultured dairy (Greek yogurt)

4. Aged cheeses made from conventional milk (brie, camembert)

5. Anything I missed in 1-4

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